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Examples Continued;

Stainless Steel Hose Rack



A storage rack for three size hoses was designed, fabricated, and mounted between the brewery's 4 main brew vessels


May 2014

Ducati Monster
Custom Exhaust System


Using an Evo header then building everything else from the collector back. Coating is Jet Hot, canisters are carbon fiber. The challenge was to go through the center opening in a Ducati 1100 Monster single sided swingarm then split out to two carbon fiber muffler packs.

May 2014

Stainless Steel Exhaust Hood 



Designed and Built a custom angled stainless steel

exhaust plenum for a specialized fume hood.


Feb 2014

Restoration of Cracked Dual Front Calipers


Old school chopper frame with old school Hirst Airheart dual front cracked leaking calipers. Rewelded the cracks in the cast aluminum body. 


Feb 2014

Lauter Tun Rake Restoration


This lauter tun rake was in a ready for an overhaul.

Bushings where worn to 1/4 their original size and the

steering crank support arm and pivot arm welds were

fractured. New alignment and welds, new bushings, and a fresh mash paddle and she's back in service.


Stainless Steel Hummingbird


Stainless hummer assaulting a copper flower.


Stainless Steel Wort Filter Stand



Grain Bin Shelving


Custom aluminum grain dispensor shelving.


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