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Recent Fabrications



Through Wall Transfer Lines


Porch Railing


Turbo Plumbing


Cornelius Keg Modification

A 4" tri-clamp ferrule was welded into a standard keg. The kegs original ball-lock and spear were reused by machining and welding the original fitting into a blank 4" ferrule.


Heat/Cool Chocolate Blender

Stainless steel thermal housing

with digital heater and cooling control.

Fermenter Sample Port Repair

Fermenter had broken sampler port, Repair welded on-site, passivated food grade SS repair weld,


GAS-to-Electric Bike Conversion

Gas powered bicycle converted to

2KW electric. Welded 20 an aluminum battery

box into original frame to hold a 20 lb. Li Fe battery  

Cornelius Beer Keg Containers

6 Antique beer kegs were cut around their tops and reinforced with stainless lip seals to make them unique grain storage containers

4 Station Bottle Filler

COPurge and liquid fill ports w/ adjustable bottle height

Custom Chiller Dolly

Custom chiller cart designed and fabricated for portable 'on-the-spot' wort chilling.

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