Recent Fabrications




Through Wall Transfer Lines

2 - 15 foot, 1-1/2" diameter stainless steel wort transfer lines with custom stanchions. These were installed to avoid transferring wort around the existing wall through floor hoses


Cornelius Keg Modification

A 4" tri-clamp ferrule was welded into a standard keg. The kegs original

ball-lock and spear were reused by machining and welding the original 

fitting into a blank 4" ferrule.


Fermenter Sample Port Repair



Fermenter had broken sampler port, Repair welded on-site, passivated food grade SS repair weld,


Cornelius Beer Keg Containers

6 Antique beer kegs were cut around their tops and reinforced with stainless lip seals to make them unique grain storage containers

Custom Chiller Dolly

Custom chiller cart designed and fabricated for portable 'on-the-spot' wort chilling.