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Examples Continued;

Stainless Steel Pour Over Rack



A coffee drip (pour over) rack custom designed by me to allow the user to operate 2 brews to at once.

It features a dual rotating head and a sturdy base structure for safety when handling 'hot' beverages.


August 2014

Stainless 1.5" Ferrule and Instrument Mounting Plate


Modified a Blichmann Fermenter, adding a 1.5" ferrule for temperature measurement and a mounting plate the vessel to hold a temperature instrument on the side wall of the vessel.

Jan 2015

Aluminum Bird House 



Designed and Built a thermal insulated aluminum bird house.



Feb 2013

Stainless Grain Dump Shoot


This shoot extends an existing grain shoot with a "snap-on" cantilever hook and brace.


Stainless Steel Bulkhead Fitting adapted to a 1" NPT nipple






1986 Toyota Corolla Pully Fix




Custom Stainless Steel
Chocolate Bean Oven Bake Drum




12" to 10" SS
Brew Kettle Stack




Sanitary Plumbing
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